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We live in a world of relativity, everything is relative. In the fields of medicine and nutrition, one drug or food may cure one patient but may have adverse effect on another patient. In nutrition this is even more pronounced because of our genetic diversity. Most people have the enzymes to process the foods we eat, but some may be deficient in certain enzymes genetically which can't process certain foods and can cause specific illness. Therefore we should be aware of this fact, any suggestions in this article, particularly food and nutritional supplement that we have never taken before should be started in small doses to test if there is any adverse effect.

We are now entering a very advanced technology in health science, particularly in the fields of stem cell and nanotechnology, which may eliminate most of our present chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease, but it will take time for these technologies to be of practical use to us at present, it may take a decade to pass through research and FDA approval before their applications to general population. Moreover, it will take almost two more decades for the expensive patented applications to become generic and inexpensive for the common or poor people. We have evidence that our daily foods have the ability to cure or prevent most of the present chronic diseases without the expensive and advanced technology, the main reason why we don't know about these evidences is the lack of information.

Many evidences point to the possibility of curing cancer with detoxification, food, exercise, and determination. Moreover, it may cure all other chronic illnesses our present medicine cannot cure. This method is not available in or even opposed by the conventional medicine, because it is not profitable to the health industry that controls the conventional medicine. However, it can be beneficial to poor people and can benefit our children and future generations.

Some cancer patients were cured by detoxification and food alone such as those saved by the Gerson Therapy, some cancer patients were cured by exercise alone such as those saved by Quolin Qigong in China, most cancer patients who have determination to fight cancer usually win the battle, patients in Simonton Cancer Center who were saved by the psychological approach of Carl Simonton can testify to the power of determination in curing cancer. If we can combine these 4 powerful non-drug natural ways of lifestyle we can overcome cancer without the expensive surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

I hope the information below can inspire present cancer patients to get involved in these natural ways of fighting the disease even if they are in terminal stage given up by the conventional cancer treatments. Most of the cancer patients will use the conventional surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy because of their medical insurance. They should discuss with their oncologist to find out a way of incorporating these 4 natural ways of lifestyle into their treatments. I see no conflict of these 4 natural ways of fighting cancer with the conventional cancer treatment.

There are many ways to achieve detoxification, food, exercise, and determination to cure cancer, I will tabulate the various ways with the most inexpensive ones first. It must be remembered that effectiveness of a treatment is not measured by the expensiveness, the most inexpensive may also be the most effective way but the method may affect each individual differently because of the biochemical individuality.

(1) Fasting (2) Enema (3) Others such as natural plants and supplements.

Detoxification by Fasting

Not only is this the most inexpensive way to detoxify our body it also reduces our food cost, it is the best method for the less affluent or the poor. Fasting can be total or partial, total fasting takes only water whereas partial fasting may include juices, fruits, soups, or any other foods in less quantity than the normal meal.

The best is a 24-hour total fasting once a week. This will let our digestive system rest and our body eliminate the accumulated toxic wastes once a week. It can also save 14% of our food bill. The only negative side of this method is the feeling of hunger, but I believe most people can tolerate after the first or second trial. However, for those who have ulcer or stomach problems they should try this method with care or consult their personal doctor before implementing.

A 3-day total fasting once a month may be tried after a few months of implementing 24-hour total fasting, that is, 3 weeks of 24-hour fasting and 1 week of 3-day fastings in a total of 4 weeks. This 3-day total fasting is good for a more effective detoxification of body wastes, it should be tried after you are comfortable with the 24-hour total fasting. You may also try a 48-hour (2-day) total fasting before implementing this 3-day fasting.

A 1-week, 2-week, 4-week or longer total fasting is usually used for treating disease under the supervision of a health professional. Unless you are very certain that you can tolerate a total fasting beyond a week you should find a health professional who is experienced in using total fasting to treat disease to implement these fastings. There are some books written by very experienced fasting professionals reporting their successes in curing all kinds of chronic diseases with total fasting beyond a week.

One of the best publications in fasting to cure chronic diseases is a Japanese book as shown in the following picture.

The author cured himself of kidney illness and diabetes with weeks of total fasting, he also cured his wife of cancer of the digestive tract using the same fasting procedure, he then established a fasting clinic and used his method to cure many kinds of chronic diseases. He was 93 and his wife was 86 years old when the book was published. They were both very healthy. Here are his 20 important things to pay attention to fasting for curing disease.

(1) Take laxative before fasting, then every other days. Patients with ulcer should use enema instead of laxative.
(2) Adult weighing less than 34 kg should use enema instead of fasting for detoxification.
(3) For many Japanese who have worms it should be first treated to eliminate the worms befoe taking laxative.
(4) During fasting use small glass such as 8-oz glass to drink water, and drink slowly, meditating, normally 900 ml of water daily.
(5) Female should be ready to take care of the periods.
(6) Lean patients can reduce the duration of fasting depending on their conditions.
(7) Have a 3-day pre-fasting of reducing daily meals before fasting.
(8) The third to fourth day of fasting is normally the highest weight reduction period, patient may feel weak, don't allow to sleep too much, try walking, reading, or light exercise to pass the time.
(9) Don't use warm bath during fasting.
(10) Don't expend too much energy during the first two days of fasting when the body is still strong.
(11) Normally the urine may become turbid after 3 to 4 days, this is because of the presence of toxins that are decomposed and eliminated via urine. Body odor and bad breath may also occur for the same reason. When these are clear it means the body is detoxified.
(12) Use salt to brush the teeth. Avoid cigarettes.
(13) Must have confidence that fasting can cure the illness.
(14) Be optimistic.
(15) For weak patient or for fasting more than 2 weeks, patient may take rice soup liquid on the 7th day breakfast and dinner meals.
(16) Have confidence in fasting to benefit the brain.
(17) Have one elimination daily, use laxative if necessary.
(18) Always drink water during fasting.
(19) Patient with beriberi or constipation may take vitamin B-complex, but don't use injection.
(20) Patient who is too skinny should allow the body strength to recover to continue fasting.

One of the best fasting practitioners in US is Paul Bragg. His book "The Miracle of Fasting" is packed with tons of recommendations for optimal health and practical living style. You should buy that book and read it thoroughly to achieve optimal health. I will scan some of the good recommendations in the book and post them on this website in near future. You can also visit his website to view the excerpt of the benefits of fasting (use back arrow to return here)

Detoxification by Enemas

Enemas may use pure water or water solution of various additives to detoxify. Natural and organic plants and herbs are usually used as the additives, one that has been used in Gerson Therapy for more than half a century is the coffee enema.

The coffee enema has a very specific purpose in the treatment and reversal of cancer. It lowers the quantity of blood serum toxins, cleaning the poisons out of fluids nourishing the cells.

Detoxification of the body by coffee enema is one of the most important steps in Gerson Therapy. Following is the procedure recommended in Gerson Therapy.

(1) Add 3 tablespoonfuls of drip-grind coffee to a quart of boiling water (either distilled or bottled water). Let the mixture boil for 3 minutes and allow it to simmer for another 15 minutes.
(2) Filter the mixture and add more water to the liquid protion to fill up to a total volume of 1 quart. Cool the liquid to room temperature. Hang the enema bag or bucket about 18 inches above the body. Prepare yourself to instill the coffee solution into the rectum.
(3) Place some soft padding on the bathroom floor, cover it with plastic sheet and a towel, plop down a pillow and lie down on the padded floor on your right side, with legs pulled up in a relaxed position.
(4) Take time to let gravity force the liquid into rectum and bowel. Hold the liquid inside the body for about 12 to 15 minutes, and then release the liquid.

Above procedure is just a general description, variation will depend on individuals. It is sometimes not easy to perform this procedure for the first time, practice will make it easier and more comfortable.

Detoxification by Natural Plants and Supplements

There are many natural plants that can detoxify the toxins in our body, most notably are the greens on land and in sea, such as our daily vegetables, fruits, wheatgrass, celantro and other herbs, spirulina, chlorella, and other algae. Chlorophyll in the greens is the main detoxifier although there may be others that haven't been found. Our daily fresh fruit and vegetable juices are good detoxifiers, we can reinforce the detox action in our body with the supplements of spirulina and chlorella, wheatgrass or barley grass juice, or some special formulations such as "Chelorex". These supplements may be in the forms of powder, tablets, or capsules. Aside from the these common forms wheatgrass or barley grass juice may be home-made.

There are some commercial oral EDTA that can be taken easily without injection, but the real effectiveness needs to be tried out by the patient. One commercial product that has testimonies is "Detoxamin" that the patient can try out for its effectiveness.


More to be added in the future: Natural plants, supplements and others for detoxification


Food is probably the most important and also most confused item in curing cancer. This may be due to the biochemical individuality, too many varieties of food, too many mixed information on food, incompetence of most conventional medical doctors to advice the patient to consume the food truly beneficial to the cure of cancer, and others. Nevertheless, there are some guidelines proposed by most nutritional and medical professionals who have real experience in treating cancer with nutrition. Those guidelines include:

  • Consume natural foods and avoid processed foods.
  • Consume foods as fresh and as organically grown as possible.
  • Consume as much as possible grains, fruits and both land and sea vegetables.
  • Consume more uncooked fruits and vegetables as compared to cooked foods. A good starting place for those who are interested in raw food life style is "" (use back arrow to return here). Another good website on green smoothies is "" (use back arrow to return here)
  • Consume unrefined natural oils such as olive and flaxseed oil, avoid all refined oils.
  • Avoid animal proteins. The most recent publication on the advantage of plant proteins and disadvantage of animal proteins in the cure of cancer can be found in the book "The China Study" (use back arrow to return here).

    It is impossible to recommend a diet that is good for all cancer patients, however, for reference four starting places may be looked into because those four kinds of diet have been used to cure cancer patients. The first is Gerson Diet in "The Gerson Therapy" (use back arrow to return here). The second is the Ann Wigmore diet in "The Ann Wigmore diet" (use back arrow to return here). The third is the Johanna Budwig diet in "The Johanna Budwig diet" (use back arrow to return here). The fourth is the Macrobiotic diet in "The Macrobiotic Approach to Cancer" (use back arrow to return here).

    Although all four diets have the same guidelines as mentioned above, there are some differences. The main differences or the specific emphases among these four diets in the cancer treatment are as follows:

  • Gerson diet emphasizes 13 hourly freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices each day.
  • Ann Wigmore emphasizes consumption of wheatgrass juice and sprouts.
  • Johanna Budwig diet emphasizes the consumption of flaxseed oil with cotage cheese specifically to reverse cancer disease.
  • Macrobiotic diet is a Japanese style diet that doesn't insists in raw foods and includes some animal proteins from the sea.

    Although raw diet has shown excellent results in the cure of cancer and many other chronic diseases, most of us are used to cooked foods and some can't tolerate completely raw diet, recipes on both cooked and uncooked foods that are beneficial to the cure of cancer will be added in the future.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes hearbal medicine and food originated from the same source, it also practices diet therapy. However, the ancient TCM didn't have knowledge on the effect of enzymes which is one of the major emphases in western nutritional treatments of cancer. Therefore TCM's diet therapy didn't emphasize the use of raw diet but instead have a sound theory based on Yin and Yang, and vast experience in the use of cooked foods to treat diseases. This website will try to combine the western nutritional cancer treatment and the TCM diet therapy.

    This website will devote more spaces to the Chinese qigong as an exercise that has many testimonies, particularly those cancer patients who were saved by the "Guolin Qigong".

    China has demonstrated that qigong can help cure cancer if not a cure by itself. The pioneer, Ms Guolin, who was a cancer patient herself, used qigong that she learned in childhood to cure her own cancer. She then promoted qigong for cancer cure to the entire Chinese population in the 1970s and 1980s until her death in 1984. From early 1970 to 2009 Guolin qigong has benefited one to two million patients in China (see attached pictures of group exercise of Guolin qigong in China below). Ms Guolin started the cancer group therapy by teaching cancer patients to practice her style of qigong in the park. Any cancer patient can join the group in the park freely. Many patients who were cured by practicing Guolin qigong became teachers to teach other cancer patients in the park. Today you can see many parks in the entire China with groups of cancer patients practicing Guolin qigong.

    In 2007 students of Guolin qigong assembled 117 testimonials of former cancer patients cured by practicing Guolin qigong and published a treatise on the efficacy of Guolin Qigong in curing cancer. The publication shows among the 117 documented cancer patients cured by Guolin qigong prior to 2007, one patient survived more than 30 years, 25 patients survived between 20 and 29 years, 70 patients survived between 10 and 19 years, 18 patients survived between 5 and 9 years, 3 patients survived between 1 and 4 years. Only one patient was dead, all other 116 patients were alive and well upon followup in 2007. The youngest patient was 37 and the oldest patient was 84 years old in the testimonials of 117 patients. The diets of these testmonials were simple inexpensive meals of rice, fruits, and vegetables, and minimum amount of meats.

    Zhineng Qigong

    Another qigong style called Zhineng Qigong founded by Grandmaster Pang Ming in the late 1980s had trained millions of students before the political incidence of Falongong that dismantled many legitimate qigong schools. Zhineng Qigong probably has the largest number of qigong students in China, it is presently slowly being revived particularly online.

    Zhineng qigong was also used to promote health and cure illness, however, unlike Guolin Qigong empahsizing cancer cure Zhineng Qigong is used to cure many kinds of diseases based on the practice of Taoist and Buddhist qigong. Any reader who is interested in Zhineng qigong can type into Goggle or Bidu search engine the phrase "zhineng qigong" or visit the website some specific zhineng qigong youtube websites (use back arrow to return here), or the center of zhineng qigong at Qinhuangdou near Beijing in China (use back arrow to return here).

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