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MY HUMBLE OPINION 4 (May 22, 2010)

A Research Project to Cure Cancer
Western Holistic Diet (WHD)
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

A Proposed Project to be Implemented in The Philippines and China

Stanley Cua, PhD

I am a PhD in Chemical Engineering, not related to medicine and nutrition, but believe me I have read more books and articles in the alternative treatments of cancer than in the field of Chemical Engineering. PhD in Engineering gives me the knowledge of research method and the importance of gathering reference resources especially those not available in the professional publications, in this case the references in the alternative treatments of cancer. Everything in this world involves personal choices, my choice for the best treatment of cancer is diet treatment supplemented by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

By Western Holistic Diet (WHD) I am referring to the diet practiced by the three pioneers in "My Humble Opinion 3", it is a diet for the optimal health and a diet for the recovery of cancer disease, not the diet of classical proteins, carbohydrates, and fats as taught in the outdated traditional school of nutrition. From my search for cancer cures in the past thirty years I have no doubt that a holistic diet can cure cancer, I also have no doubt that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can cure cancer. But we live in a world of belief, every individual has his or her own belief, my friends, relatives, and even my own children will have doubts that these two treatments can cure cancer unless I can show them real cancer patients cured by these two treatments. I have no illusion of achieving great results in the project only hoping to show a proof or an indication that diet alone can cure cancer, so that my friends, relatives, and children will know that there is an alternative to the conventional cancer treatment that the medical authority and industry don't want them to know.

Although each one of these two cancer treatments can cure cancer separately, I believe that if we combine them properly they will have synergistic effect that can expedite the recovery. The western diet and nutrition treatment can contribute the recent discoveries of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients against cancer while TCM can contribute its 5000 years of herbal experience against human diseases.

I believe diet and nutrition treatment should be the primary treatment whereas TCM can be the supplemental treatment. Diet is not only good for treating the disease it is also necessary for the maintenance of good health. Although TCM is good for the recovery of whole body equilibrium from disease, it is a temporary measure, only proper diet can prevent the recurrence of the disease. In fact TCM considers foods and medicinal herbs come from the same source, foods can be used as medicine and herbs can be consumed as foods.

I will first discuss the idea of my proposed project to demonstrate that either WHD alone or the combined WHD and TCM can cure cancer. I would suggest that the project of using WHD alone to cure cancer be implemented in the Philippines and that of combined WHD and TCM be implemented in China. People in the Philippines are more exposed to the concept of western diet and nutrition treatment of disease, they are more open to alternative treatments of cancer, and there are many doctors who practice alternative therapies in the Philippines. It is not easy to include TCM in the Philippines, however, because like many other countries that are heavily influenced by the American conventional medicine, TCM is outlawed in the Phlippines. On the other hand although Chinese people are much less exposed to western diet and nutrition treatment, TCM is the major medical treatment in China, practicing TCM with the inclusion of diet therapy is lawful in China, the only obstacle is the resistance of TCM practitioners to learn and adapt western diet into TCM. However, I believe there will be some who are open-minded and willing to combine the two, particularly if the project in the Philippines can demonstrate that diet alone can cure cancer.

This should be a research and at the same time a charitable project, it is a research project because many new information will be discovered, it is a charitable project because the patients will be those who cannot afford the conventional treatment or those given up by the conventional treatment such as the terminal patients waiting for their final days. The patients will pay for the time of the doctors who will help monitor the progress of the WHD experiment. This project will help the patients to help themselves but not to spoon-feed them. I believe anything that is totally free usually makes the recipients think what they receive is cheap. The project will help the patients obtain organic produce needed in the diet, the projet will donate the organic produce needed in the diet to those patients who cannot afford financially.

There will be 4 parties involved in the project. The first is the project organizer to initiate the startup and coordinate the patients, doctors, and financiers. The second is the group of cancer patients, they may be volunteers or those referred from Philippine General Hospital (PGH) or other community hospitals who cannot be accommodated by PGH or other community hospitals because the hospitals don't have enough financial resources to treat them freely, and they cannot afford the cost for the conventional treatment. The third is the group of doctors who have a golden heart of helping the poor patients by charging minimal compensation of their time. These doctors will work part-time to monitor the patients and to treat possible complications from cancer. They will not be treating cancer in the sense of conventional oncology. The treatment of cancer is in the diet protocol based on the work of the three pioneers discussed in my "My Humble Opinion 3". The subject of this diet protocol will be discussed later. The fourth is the group of financiers or philanthropists who want to do some good deeds to the community. To summarize, there are 4 parties involved in this project: the first is the project organizer, the second is the cancer patients, the third is the volunteer doctors, and the fourth is the financiers.

There have been so many anecdotal and doctor's reports of curing cancer with diet and nutrition without the use of conventional surgery, radiation and chemotheraphy. The most notable examples are the three pioneers who used diet and nutrition to cure cancer in My Humble Opinion 3, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Johanna Budwig, and Dr. Ann Wigmore. Another example from doctor's report is summarized in Dr. Binzel's book "Alive and Well" . A conventional doctor, Dr. Lorraine Day, an orthodox surgeon and professor who cured her own breast cancer with diet and nutrition and is determined to spread the message can be found on her website Most of the unconventional doctors today also incorporate diet and nutrition in their treatment protocols.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has definitely been reported to cure cancer in China. However, it seems that the rate of success depends on the experience of the doctors. There are so many TCM practitioners in China but not too many books written by experienced ones who have successful treatment of cancer using purely TCM without the western conventional surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Most of the reports are published in various provincial and local Traditional Chinese Medicine professional journals scattered all over China. Here are some of those books.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, foods and medicinal herbs are considered to come from the same source. It has long been established that diet is important in healing the disease and is considered a part of TCM. The main difference in the use of diet to cure disease between TCM and WHD is the state of "cooked" and "uncooked" of the foods. WHD uses approximately between 80 to 100% raw foods whereas TCM uses negligible raw foods except fruits. I believe ancient China didn't have sanitary and safe drinking and washing water system, the fertilizers were usually the animal and human manure. All foods except fruits had to be cooked to prevent diseases from micro-organisms. Today with the safe water system and the knowledge of enzymes and vitamins the power of uncooked food to heal all kinds of diseases is slowly being discovered. Nevertheless both raw diet and cooked diet, such as macrobiotic diet, have been reported to cure cancer, moreover, some cancer patients can't tolerate purely raw diet it is therefore necessary to include cooked diet in the experiment.

There are so many websites today devoted to the use of raw diet to prevent and cure cancer, I once entered "raw diet for cancer" into Goggle search and came up with 4,250,000 results in 0.35 seconds, and Bing search with 16,200,000 results. You can imagine the volume of work needed to search through internet. To narrow down the search I entered "testimony of raw diet to cure cancer" into Bing seach and came up with 74,500 results. I then entered "testimony of raw diet to cure breast cancer" and got 44,000 results. You can keep on narrowing the search but the results are still too much to handle. The main point is using diet to cure cancer is nothing new, it is not too difficult to be used by the patients themselves even without oncologist and is inexpensive without drugs, I believe this is the main reason why medical community and cancer industry have been so much against it. Nevertheless, It is always a good idea to have a doctor or health professional who has knowledge of diet and nutrition in the teaatment of disease to treat cancer patients who wish to use diet instead of conventional treatment, this will speed up the cure of cancer and at the same time take care of complications that can arise from cancer. But to find an orthodox doctor who believes in diet and nutrition is not easy because conventional medical education doesn't believe in it. One way to search this kind of doctors in North America is to request Cancer Control Society of Los Angeles to send you the list of doctors who have experience with diet and nutrition in their records.

On this website I will concentrate on raw and cooked diet as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the treatment of cancer. I believe TCM is the best choice for combination with diet treatment not only because it has proven to cure cancer by itself alone but also it can prevent or treat complications arising from cancer. The philosophy of TCM also coincides with the philosophy of western diet therapy that places emphasis on treating whole body instead of local tumors.

Phase I of The Proposed Project

The first phase of the project is to find and verify the producers of the organic produce, at the same time organize a health club of the middle class health-conscious group to support continuous demand and supply of real organic produce in Manila. This project organizer will search and contract a trader to supply the organic produce to the club members at the "wholesale" minimal price. Cancer patients will be benefited from the convenient and continuous supply of real organic produce at low "wholesale" price.

While the health club is being organized news will be advertised in Manila's newspapers to recruit doctors who are willing to participate in the reserch project. Proposal for the doctor's participation and protocol for the WHD will be published on my website.

While above steps are being taken I will search and contact possible financiers to join the project. Initially I will shoulder the organization expenses. When organic producers and contract trader are found and the health club is organized, this ends Phase I of the project.

Phase II of The Proposed Project

Phase II is the implementation stage after the organization of the project in Phase I. But let me first discuss the proposed WHD diet. The core of my proposed diet is based on Gerson's diet (use back arrow to return here), it is then supplemented by Wigmore's wheatgrass juice and fresh sprouts because Gerson's diet didn't stress the benefits of wheatgrass juice and sprouts. The proposed diet is further supplemented by Budwig's flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. Flaxseed oil was the only oil endorsed in Gerson's diet, therefore the compatibility of Gerson and Budwig diet is perfect. These three groups are then supplemented with cooked foods that have been reported to cure or are beneficial in the treatment of cancer, among them are Macrobiotic diet, SunSoup, Four ingredient soup.

From so many reports of the benefits of raw foods, almost all of the supporters insisted on 100% raw foods to cure cancer and other diseases, for our project I think a ratio of 80% raw and 20% cooked food is a good start. I believe the diet should not be regidly fixed, it not only should depend on the tolerance of the patients in general but should also be flexible on a day-to-day basis, just like TCM practice the concoction herbal mixture should be modified if necessary every few days based on the response of the patients to the previous mixture. The foods in our project include grains, vegetables, greens, sprouts, fruits, sea plants, and herbs, but exclude all meats during the treatment. Fermented milk from animal source such as cottage cheese, or yogurt as used in Budwig diet will also be included.

Fruits are more acceptable and tolerated by most patients, it is important to know the proper ways of eating and juicing them. Here is a reference from an email I received describing the best way to consume fruits by a doctor who used fruits to treat disease. Science of eating Fruits. (use back arrow to return heere)

Vegetables and fruits are the two groups which constitute the major part of the diet. They should be produced locally as much as possible. I think 90% or more of these groups should be consumed raw. There were some cooked soups of vegetables that have been reported to cure cancer which will be included in our diet. TCM has some cooked fruit concoctions that can be included in the diet for those who cannot tolerate the acidity of raw fruits.

Sprouts include grains, beans, and vegetables, they are the easiest to produce and are free from toxic agricultural chemicals as long as the seeds are from organic source. It has been reported to contain many times the vitamin values compared to the full-grown plants. Bean sprouts have been suggested to be cooked to prevent the inhibition of some enzymatic benefits, since our project allows cooked foods, it will still allow us to include bean sprouts.

Greens include those from vegetables such as broccoli and spinach as well as from grass and sea plants. However, it is not common for human to eat grass although wheat grass or barley grass contains a full range of human nutrition, we can consume grass in the form of processed wheat or barley grass tablet, capsule or powder. We can also grow wheat or barley grass at home including hydroponic growing without soil.

Sea plants include fresh seaweeds as well as spirulina and chorella, which are the most popular ones, can be purchased in tablet, capsule, or powder form. Other proprietary but more expensive ones such as Fucoidan are available commercially.

Grains are not commonly connsumed in raw state, they will be part of the cooked diet. There were some authors who even suggested that grains were not necessary for the treatment, only vegetables, fruits, and greens are needed. Gerson's diet doesn't have much grains, but our project includes patients who have low tolerance for raw foods, grains can be a good source of the needed nutrition. TCM has many dietary soups that are based on cooked grains which will be included in our diet.

To be continued

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