MY HUMBLE OPINION 2 (March 1, 2010)
Equip yourself with knowledge to win the war against cancer

When I was viewing some DVDs on the topic of nutrition and diet against disease, I kept hearing that according to World Health Organization two third of the death is due to the ignorance. I haven't had the chance to verify this statement, but when it is related to cancer disease in which I have researched for the alternative treatments for 30 more years I believe it. I believe that cancer, the number one or two killer in almost all the industrialized nations, still can't be cured today is due to the ignorance of both the patients and conventional oncologists. Both of them are ignorant of the possible cure by some alternative treatments. There is always the argument that alternative cancer treatments don't have the scientific and clinical evidence of effectiveness in curing cancer. But how could the alternative treatments be studied scientifically and clinically when all the research money is channeled into the conventional treatments. There are many brave authors who dare to challenge the medical authority and some government offices related to cancer research such as National Cancer Institute. They pointed out that these government research institutions are full of egotism and are often controlled by the so-called cancer industry that makes money on cancer disease. One of the best documented books is The Politics Of Cancer Revisited by Dr. Samuel Epstein

Although conventional oncologists are ignorant of the alternative cancer treatments, we can't blame them because they are too busy to read anything beyond their once-a-month professional publications. The patients have to bypass their oncologists when they want to know more about cancer treatments other than the surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, else they will be mis-informed by those oncologists who are ignorant yet pretending to know. The patients have to know as much as possible about cancer once they are diagnosed. The best way to obtain the information is to go online. However, there are too much information on the internet patients will generally be overwhelmed by the extensive resources and will require patience to select the good ones. There are many websites posting free information with the mission of helping cancer patients, those websites frequently have references to other useful websites, you need to have patience to follow through. For those who can afford professional consultation, two of the best websites to start the search is the Moss report and Burton Goldberg health consultation

Going online to research the information is a must to be well-informed. Today internet can bring you to any corner of the world, patients should take advantage of this technology, there is no excuse for being ignorant of some alternative treatments that are effective against cancer.

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