by Stanley Cua, February 28, 2010

This is the first of the series "My Humble Opinion"

Nine years ago today, February 28, 2001, my wife became a victim of cancer disease, I knew then that I would spend the rest of my life to search for cancer cure and to help cancer patients. Brave-souls website was the first thing I established. I named the website brave-souls because I knew that present conventional cancer treatment of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy is not the answer to cancer cure, and the maverick doctors, researchers, patients, parents of young cancer children, and all others who dare to challenge the conventional medicine with unorthodox cancer treatments are brave souls. Those brave doctors would be persecuted, and those brave patients would be deprived of possible cure in addition to their suffering of debilitating disease and would be brave to try the unconventional treatments. I will spend all of my time, energy, and financial resources to accomplish the mission.

There is a Chinese proverb "Read ten thousand books, walk ten thousand miles" , which means literally that reading ten thousand books is equivalent to traveling ten thousand miles in search of knowledge. Since the beginning of Starbuck I have used the place to read while sipping a cup of coffee, I can't remember how many books I have read in those nice coffee shops. I tried to start compiling herbal treatments of cancer from Chinese books as early as in late 1970s. However, there were just overwhelmingly too much herbal formulations in those books for treating cancer, so I just bought and kept the books in my library hoping someday I could return to them to extract the effective formulations.

Since 1990 I have read books in Hoxsey herbal treatment, Gerson nutritional treatment, Glyoxylide of William Koch, Krebiozen of Andrew Ivy, resonance treatment of Royal Rife, toxins of William Coley, vaccines of Virginia Livingston, laetrile of Ernst Krebs Jr, DMSO of Stanley Jacob, antineoplastons of Stanislao Bursynski, hydrazine sulfate of Joseph Gold, essiac tea of Rene Caisse and 714-X of Gaston Naessens in Canada, and many others. I attended many annual cancer convention organized by Cancer Control Society in Los Angeles, and visited clinics in Tijuana of Mexico where the highest concentration of alternative cancer clinics in the world were located. I would like to share the information and knowledge that I have accumulated in about 30 years of research in the western alternative cancer treatments and Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating cancer. The information that I wish to disseminate comes from books and publications I have read, the validity of the information is only as good as the books that I have abstracted, extracted, summarized, translated or condensed. Here are the book covers of some cancer related books in English and some cancer related books in Chinese in my personal library.

For those who are interested in a list of various holistic cancer treatments, the book Cancer Therapy: The Independent Consumer's Guide To Non-Toxic Treatment & Prevention by Ralph W. Moss, 1992, that presented about 100 treatments, and CancerTutor website that lists more than 200 treatments can be a good start to research further. Another very informative book on many courageous medical doctors in America who combined some of these treatments to cure cancer is Definitive Guide to Cancer by Dr. John Diamond, Dr. Lee Cowden, and Burton Goldberg, 1997. I also list some that I personally believe to be effective, not expensive, and available at present on my website Effective Alternative Cancer Therapies and Weblinks , some of them will be discussed in "My Humble Opinion series". There are many holistic cancer treatments that were shown effective in the past but are not available at present because of the FDA blockade.

After reading so much in alternative cancer treatments, I have found that nutritional and diet treatments of cancer not only can cure cancer but can cure many other chronic diseases that can't be cured by conventional medicine. Furthermore, the protocols of these treatments can be modified or relaxed to prevent cancer and many other diseases. I will discuss them in "My Humble Opinion" series in the future.

Since I am fluent in both English and Chinese, I will trsnslate and discuss the treatments of cancer in China. I have read some English books written by well-known authors in alternative treatments undermining or discrediting Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this is unfortunate because they didn't have enough information and knowledge of TCM. I hope to use this website as a bridge (however small) to introduce TCM cancer treatments to Western readers.

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