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Let us all celebrate the beginning of dawn to conquer cancer from the courageous and brilliant work of Dr. Tullio Simocini, a pediatric oncologist in Italy. Dr. Simoncini theorizes that cancer is a fungus and can be cured by the baking soda in our kitchen. He has video that shows white fungus spots on cancer location inside the body. Incredible!!! Of course this will need to be verified and confirmed by other oncologists, doctors, scientists, and patients who will be cured by Dr. Simocini's therapy which he named it the Bicarbonate Therapy or Baking Soda Therapy. There will also have a lot of questions to be answered. What is important is to give the therapy a chance, be open-minded, don't simply ignore it because you don't think it is possible. Go to the following websites to take a look.,

Websites on cancer is a fungus

Main website Cancer is fungus in English
Doug Kaufmann video interview
Dr. Apsley radio interview
Aug 30 to Sept 2, 2008 Cancer Control Convention program on cancer is fungus
Chinese website of Cancer is fungus with video

The work to verify the theory and efficacy of the therapy is just beginning, and it is a good beginning. Dr. Simocini has already done a lot of preliminary work, we need to support him with more clinical trials. However, the most important implication is that almost any doctor anywhere around the world can try the therapy without any surgery, radiation or chemo drugs, and the results may be shown in short time, such as claimed by Dr. Simoncini that breast tumor may disappear within a week. Can you imagine the thrill of curing breast cancer and saving the breast without surgery to female patients? When this message is delivered to the people around the world the cancer industry will never be able to stop the patients from trying out the therapy and can't suppress the therapy as it had succeeded in the past. It is everyone's duty to propagate the message of the existence of this therapy by mouth and emails to all the friends and encourage more research and clinical trials in this therapy.

The theory of the cause of cancer by micro-organisms is not new. Among some of the pioneers who tried to prove the theory but had been suppressed by the cancer industry were Royal Rife , Gason Naessens , Virginia Livingston-Wheeler , and Hulda Clark. Another interesting book on this topic was written by French Professor Antoine Bechamp, a contemporary of Louis Pasteur. A hypothesis that has been suggested by some of these pioneers but opposed by the orthodox medicine is the pleomorphism of the micro-organisms. The hypothesis not only suggested that the micro-organisms may change forms such as from rod to sphere, but may also change from one type to another such as from virus to bacteria and vice versa. If this is true it may explain why scientists have a difficult time to identify the micro-organisms that may cause cancer.

Below is a part of the book authored by Dr. Simoncini "Cancer Is A Fungus" that shows the argument of Dr. Simoncini why candida is cancer

If fungus, particularly the candida albicans, can be confirmed to cause cancer, it can open up a Pandora's box of micro-organisms causing all other degenerative diseases. The cesium high pH therapy may be revisited and the Rife technology to kill micro-organisms may rekindle the enthusiasm of many electronic experimenters on the internet community. There will be a medical revolution coming soon and our children will have better health. Again let us celebrate the beginning of the dawn to better health.

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